Al-Shifa Hospital is now in ruins

After raiding Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza for quite some time, Israel has moved the army personnel including tanks and armored vehicles from there on Monday. But the residents of that area say that the Al-Shifa hospital has been completely destroyed by the Israeli forces. They have destroyed all the feelings of life there. Mohammad Mahdi, … Read more

Kejriwal will have to spend two weeks in Tihar Jail

India’s Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will spend the next two weeks in Tihar Jail. Delhi’s Rouse Avenue special court gave this order on Monday. Kejriwal was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on March 21 on charges of taking bribes in the excise (liquor) policy case. Since then he was in ED custody. Demanding … Read more

Russia demands the handover of Ukraine’s security chief

Moscow has demanded the extradition of all people involved in terrorist activities in Russia from Ukraine. Among these suspects is the head of Ukraine’s security forces, the SBU. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said these things yesterday on Sunday. The SBU immediately rejected Russia’s claim as ‘nonsensical’. The SBU said the Russian Foreign … Read more

He killed his wife and children and spent 3 nights

Husband killed wife by strangulation at home. Two children were seen. So he killed both children one by one. It does not end here, the dead bodies of the wife and children are left in the house. He spent three consecutive days and three nights with the corpses in that room. Finally, the body stinks. … Read more